The World Of Wicked Angel

Jeff has been playing his whole life. His dad played guitar and so there were acoustic guitars around the house as far back as before Jeff was even born. Before he was playing he was entertaining in one way or another. Entertainers, musicians and writers run in the family and so does a sense of humor. Without that, he says, life is useless.


Although he did not play so much as a child, it was in his teens he realized he would soon play professionally. When Jeff first started jamming with friends he did't know any chords, but he could play lead and even stay in key for the most part. They would let him know when to play, and then, like a horse out the gate, he'd shred. Eventually he learned more and the rest is history.


Jeff has played thousands of live shows and recorded thousands of songs. He has a number of commercially released CD's and his music videos have aired on MTV (USA) and Much Music (Canada). He's been on the road a number of times in the USA, and he's also done session work for other groups & solo artists. Jeff, at one time, ran his own studio, recording local talent. He's had many songs at the top of the metal charts, receiving airplay throughout Europe and the USA. As well, he's appeared in hundreds of rock and metal publications (magazines & fanzines) and appeared on television numerous times.

Got Them Blues

Jeff, Jeffrey David, now fronts the heavy blues rock trio Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION. JD revisits his blues roots, mixed with the metal he's world renouned for. The head-on collision is as unique as it gets. This ain't yer daddy's traditional blues. Wah-soaked Gibsons through cranked Marshalls. You get the picture.

Everything Else

Jeff's done it all, but you knew that. He's been on the FM air-ways as a radio show producer & host, winning a number of Best Show awards for his talk show, uTalkin2Me at 99.1FM CJAM - Windsor-Detroit. The show was streamed worl-wide, as was his BigJD & Lippo In The Morning show at the same station. He's an award-winning screenwriter and a broadcasting graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Jeff graduated both the Specs Howard radio program and video/film program, both with honors and numerous academic awards and certificates. He is CEO of OMS Entertainment, an audio/video production company, and also owned WDIR, an internet-only radio station. Aside from rockin' it out with JDBC, Jeff is a filmmaker and audio post-production specialist.